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Welcome to the 2017 Vermilion Fair's Online Entries Portal.
If you require assistance, or a walk through, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vermilion Ag Society Office at 780-853-4108
Before proceeding with online entry, please visit our website at http://vermilionag.ca/fair.html for full show information and the rules and regulations.   
Be sure to click on “Save Cart” if you plan to exit the entry process before paying processing fees. Sessions expire after 20 minutes of inactivity with automatic log off. "Save the cart" if you plan on leaving the computer for more than 20 minutes.
Use the "TAB" key instead of "ENTER" key to move from one data entry field to the next.
Click "Login/Logoff", then "choose a type" - "Exhibitor" or "Quick Group" (for multiple exhibitors/families).
You will need to create a password (2016 passwords are no longer active).  Passwords must only contain letters and numbers; no special characters. Passwords are case sensitive.
Group/Team Entries - If you are registering for a group, type the group name in the "First Name" field, and a period (.) in the "Last Name" field. If registering under 2 exhibitor's names, use initial and last name in the "First Name" field for the first exhibitor and initial and last name in the "Last Name" field for the second exhibitor.
EXHIBITOR DATE OF BIRTH - "Date of Birth" is required for all entries.
Click the dropdown menu arrow to choose the "Department" and "Division".  Select the "Class".  Enter any additional entry information.  Follow the on screen instructions to create additional entries.
Entry Fees are recommended to be paid online by credit card, but you can also mail a cheque or pay in person if prefered. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD